Ladies, has your crush or date ever left you confused about his interest for you? You never heard back from your last tinder-date although you spent a wonderful evening? Are you unsure if the cute guy from your gym is just being nice or totally into you but intimidated? 

We all know this feeling of insecurity and doubts. When assessing the state of others we can tell – just by watching – who is interested in who. When it comes to our own love story – it seems we fail desperately to interpret the situation correctly.

But not you anymore! Pay attention to the 7 LOVE SIGNS by Nisrien and you will know exactly if and how much your date is into you.

LOVE SIGN 1: Baby, you are always on my mind

Men tend to remember only what they feel matters to them. So, if he drops your name repeatedly during your date – STRIKE! If he brings up details you told him in earlier conversations – STRIKE! If he orders white wine because your Facebook profile says so – STRIKE! This LOVE SIGNAL is a subtle but a safe one to give you confidence that he is really interested in you.

LOVE SIGN 2: Baby, let’s get physical

You trembled when this guy gently touched your hand during dinner, hugged you several times that evening and ran his hand through your hair? No need to cut off your excitement. A date that seeks for being close to you without being too pushy or offensive, is a really good sing. This way, he wants you to build trust and by getting in touch he shows his affection for you. But watch out: Hugs without any other subtle touches on hands, waists or face then he probably just wants to be friends. The more often and subtle the touches, the more likely he wants to be more than that.  

LOVE SIGN 3: Baby, bodytalk me

The only language you need to know when it comes to any kind of talk is body language. Listen to what he tells you, but pay very carefully attention to his body. What does it tell you? Does he face you with a chest wide open and ruffles himself up like a vain peacock- always watching out for analogies of the faunaJThen he wants – oh yeah – to impress you. Also watch out for the hands – like the birds he unconsciously wants to display his courtship for you – so he starts fidgeting his hands through his hair or dusting off some inexistent lint or straighten his shirt several times. Body talk is a very strong love indicator!

LOVE SIGN 4: Baby, you make me smile

Do you melt down when you see this famous Mc Dreamy smile your crush throws you? When you see him grinning broadly whenever he sees you, then chances are high he likes you. And the double positive effect about it is that through smiling his serotonin level – which is important for happiness – rises and he starts even liking you more.

LOVE SIGN 5: Baby, I like to friend you

Thanks to social media we can easily check if we caught a guy’s attention. Especially shy guys like befriending girls on facebook or instagram and follow her through her social life. But be careful to overrate his likes for you – he can be in a relationship and just enjoy sneak-peaking. Then, it is even more important to pay attention to LOVE SIGN number 6.

LOVE SIGN 6: Baby, you are my only one

When a guy wants to impress you, he will do everything to show his best side. He will try to be gentleman in his own way. I say try, because this is a tricky one. In former times, it was very clear on how to detect gentlemen’s skills: Sirs would open doors and help ladies into their jacket, as well as pick them up with their own car. This has changed completely. So, you need to value a guy’s gentlemen skills much more – whenever he deploys any of these old school etiquettes, yes Mam’, you can appreciate it. He really values you and this is his way to show it to you.

LOVE SIGN 7: Baby, let’s nail it

The last and most important sign is when a guy is taking action. A guy’s actions weigh way more then his words. Ladies, there are irresistibale charming speakers out there in the dating scene. But as long as he isn’t settling dates and time schedules for further joint activities , don’t waste your time on him. Believe me, a guy knows priorities! When he really wants you, he will nail you down on a date and time to see you again. Period.

One more thing: Don’t forget to pay attention to all of these signs. Don’t overanalyse them, let your instincts guide you. If you still are not sure about it and want to know the answer – THEN TEXT ME ! I WILL SEND YOU AN ANSWER!

When he unites all of these signs then go and win him over! Good luck!

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