I Help You Regain Trust In Relationships And Activate Your Inner Queen To Attract The Love Of A Masculine King For A Loving Relationship.

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Listen to what my happy clients say

Nisrien is a great expert in dating & relationship issues, and so much more! Smart, competent and a really funny & powerful coach. Ranging from love texting, commitment difficulties to any personal love or relationship questions, she covers it with the essentials of the psychology of dating. Nisrien is exactly the choice you should make, if you want to date successfully, quickly and turn your dates into a loving relationship with the right one. She teaches you how to pick wisely, to connect with a man emotionally, so you can start to live a happy life with the right guy. I just love her!❤️

Lucy W.

It was such a big pleasure to join Nisrien’s online course. She really opened my eyes about developments of gender psychology. The best part was that I was able to exchange my most intimate dating experience in a very positive openminded online community of likeminded women. It was eye opening to learn about various attachments styles of men and women in general. In the future this will help me to pick wisely, avoid the heartbreak and focus o the right guys, who seriously are looking to attach to me:-) I want to recommend Nisrien to all of you Single Ladies, who are fed up meeting the wrong one and want to turn their dates into a loving relationship with all that happiness that belongs to it. Loved it Nisrien❤️. Thank You.

Natscha E.

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FOR FEMALE SINGLES : I am going to show you how to magnetically attract the right guy without spending a dime on dating & matchmaking apps, so that you can finally start a loving relationship and a fulfilled lovelife.

Failure to follow these simple steps will end up with you being totally disillusioned and giving up on dating, so that you miss out the only chance to meeting your ideal guy for a serious relationship.


If this question has ever bothered you, then very probably you have gone through numerous disappointing dating marathons with no output in sight: Sounds familiar to you? If I hadn’t experienced this misery myself, I would have bought into it. It is human to protect yourself from pain and hurt. To deny your desire for having a partner is the best method for not even starting dating. You avoid negative emotions, rejection that nags on your self-esteem and brooding about being a total failure.


What my happy clients say



Travel Agent

"I am back to happy relationship mode! Following all the instruction I got on my sessions, I feel closer to my partner than ever before. Thank You so much Nisrien, I couldn't have asked for more than this."




"Nisrien is truly outstanding in steadily motivating me and correcting me in my dating behavior. The sessions are worth much more than I paid. Dating became fun and easy again"



Marketing Manager

"Thank you for making my lovelife happy, fulfilled and fun. Not only did I gain back self esteem, but found true love. I will refer everyone I know."

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What can I do for you?

I HELP YOU FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE! For Singles/Daters/in Relationships - choose from what is best for you:
Dating Strategy

Dating Strategy

Are you dating and feeling miserable, because every time you think a potential profile could be the right match, you are ghosted, getting stood up? Do you feel like you will never find the right partner ever?
Or aren't you dating at all, because you talk yourself into not needing a partner to save yourself from the misery and sorrow? No one to love, no-one to share your life with?
There is dating jungle outside and you need to be prepared. Find out more about how I achieve results on Dating Strategy or for more information get on a call with me: Book your free session

Relationship Consulting

Relationship Consulting

Do you feel alone in your relationship, unhappy and not listended at? Are you missing commitment or effort? Is it always you who gives more and get's less back in return? You want to have your life back then when both of you seemed to value each other and felt excitement? Have you given up and put up with the fact that happiness will never come back into your relationship? Then there is nothing to lose: believe in my high quality social skills ! Healthy relationships are inevitable for our wellbeing. With happiness in partnership we contribute to his world as happier place. Usually to bring back happiness into your lovelife takes me 6 weeks. Want to know more: Book your free session

Flirting Advice

Flirting Advice

Are you having a crush on someone so badly you forget how to make conversation properly? And whenever you see them you fall into some weird behavior, before you even can express any interest in him or her? Or you just don't know how to flirt? Stop being lost and uplevel your romantic chances to get closer to the person you secretly adore. Get to know flirttechniques and win him/her over: Book your free session.


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While studying business administration, I decided to spend an exchange year in Finland. I packed the warmest clothes I could find and arrived in November in one of the coldest European countries. I thought I was not going to survive their dark winter, but instead I enjoyed the best time of my life. The reason were all the rich intercultural encounters and friendships I made. I had never seen a more diverse place than this university campus. Students from all over the world flooded this place. I got so fascinated by watching all those various cultures interacting, dating and bonding with each other unconsciously branded by their roots. I decided to focus on cross-cultural relationships. This knowledge has served me enormously in my own future relationships and who other than myself could be a better testimonial.

But no worries, I do have a lot of happy clients. Happy, because I helped them finding and keeping the love of their life.

How can I help you?

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