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How to book your perfect single holiday - Nisrien

YOU ARE SINGLE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO GO ON HOLIDAYS? Then watch this video and read my blog:

Did you know that 20% of couples meet during their holidays? And this happens because the world has become a smaller place and we are not limited to the city and country we live in anymore. Who tells us we cannot fall in love with a beachboy in Greece, with the surfer girl in Portugal, with a charming tennis teacher in France or with Wayan in Bali . We become location-independent and most of us are working as expats and we enjoy the liberty to choose – so cross-cultural relationships are the trend 2019.

Did I convince you? YEAHHH! But – you are still here reading this blog – why haven’t you chosen your destination yet. What is holding you back? Does that familiar blues – WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I GO ON VACATION AS AS SINGLE – jingle your head? Do you brood over the same questions every year: With whom should I go?Nobody has time. How long should I stay? I don’t want to be stuck at a place for 14 days and bore myself to death. Where do I sleep? I am not in the mood to feel like a third wheel.

Don’t panic! Because Nisrien, your singing datedoc is also a traveling guru and I made this video and wrote this blog, so that you can lean back and just follow the advice. You can totally rely on my expertise – see my travel pics on my instagram feed and enjoy your best holiday ever! 😍 Do the booking wisely and you won’t be eating out alone, sitting in family resorts watching the sunset 🌅 with couples- NO WAY! I WON‘T LET YOU! 

I give you 5 super efficient Do’s and Dont’s for your perfect single holiday. 


1.) Don’t go with your parents! You think, what is she talking about? Exactly – admit it you did it.When you are 16 this is fine, but as an adult traveling with parents is not very attracting to others. Because in presence of your parents it is harder for you to relax and showing your sexy side. Even if your Mum is as hot as Cindy Crawford. This is even worse she will draw all the attention to herself.And if you think about taking a friend, don’t. You could meet up there for a few days, but you will get the most out of it if you book this journey alone. And you know why? Because if you take a friend you won’t have the time and possibility to get in touch with the other singles, who you are going to meet, when you exactly follow the next steps.


2.) Go to camps with sporty activities! There is no better place to mingle with hot good-looking healthy well-trained singles! 


3.) Even if you crave the lazy all-day sunbed baking style in a damn luxurious resort, because you want to spoil yourself from all the hours of hard work during the year, avoid booking huge hotels. They are crowded with families and couples mostly and these people long for peace and no interest to chat with you. Choose hostels! Nowadays hostels aren’t the shabby place you expect – attractive singles with decent jobs or digital nomad actively prefer this form of traveling over the classic hotel. And there plenty of variations you could sleep in a room by yourself or share a dorm. The most important thing is all of your roommates travel alone and very probably because they are single. So don#t miss your chance on that: Sleep in a hostel!


4.) People who live longterm in your holiday destination are the best– when you return they already know you and show you best places around and you get great recommendations. And you can always come back alone and you will be always have somebody there already with no further coordination with your 

You can revisit them and get a glimpse into their lifestyle. The more often you the more likely you belong to them. 


5.) Don’t book spontaneously! All the popular venues are known and will be quickly booked out. So book at least 6 months in advance so to make sure you stay in a nice hostel with awesome people.
Follow these 5 tips and I promise you, you won’t stay single for very long💜 HappyHoliday Dating!

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