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How to happy date - Nisrien


If this question has ever bothered you, then very probably you have gone through numerous disappointing dating marathons with no output in sight:

  • no husband,
  • no boyfriend,
  • no partner
  • and not even with a night to remember.

As if this new drive-through dating culture isn’t frustrating enough, you are also confronted on a daily basis with the loveluckiness of people around you:

„My roommate matched with her dream partner on Tinder at the very first date and they already plan to move in together. This will never happen to me. I will always stay alone.

„I have stopped dating, because I don’t need anyone anymore who makes me feel bad. My best friend met her husband on match.com and now they have a dog, a house and live happily ever after. And guess what, I am much happier.“

Sounds familiar to you? If I hadn’t experienced this misery myself, I would have bought into it. It is human to protect yourself from pain and hurt. To deny your desire for having a partner is the best method for not even starting dating. You avoid negative emotions, rejection that nags on your self-esteem and brooding about being a total failure.

But deep down inside you want to scream the wall up and down, when you see all of those newly in love around you who cannot stop taking their hands off each other, beaming with happiness. Does that make your heart cringe and feel the urge of never leaving your apartment again to fully dwell in loneliness and overeat your sorrow with one liter of ice-cream?

NOW WHAT: Should you stop dating? Should you date even more? Should you date online or offline? Will dating ever lead you to your dream partner?

YES! YES! YES!: Dating can make you find your ideal partner but you need to be prepared! You need to be properly equipped before exposing yourself to the outside dating world. If you want to change your love life into a success lovestory yourself and finally find true love, sign up for the secrets to make every date your date, your win and a possible match.

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