How do you make men fall in love with you while quarantined at home?  Not only are you facing this challenge but also are confronted with your deepest hidden inner struggles: 

  • Fear  of what will happen in the future in your job or lovelife
  • A discovery of your deepest hidden inner truths locked at home 
  • Loneliness,  Boredom & Laziness which crash your self-confidence and productivity
  • Nagging doubts about your long distance relationship, because he constantly is online but not texting you
  • Confusion, because your exlove texted you out of nowhere in this crisis & suddenly wants to get closer again 
  • Emotional stress how to keep the spark going between you and the tinder date you went out successfully before Covid 19

This  situation of uncertainty and insecurity actually makes you feel that dating and building connections actually, feels  more unsatisfying, one-sided and emotionally exhausting than it already did before this crisis. 

There will be a lot of online workshops and offers out now, your pilates class, your cooking class, your sewing class, but you should put your energy full steam into your lovelife. And I am telling you this because NOW IS THE TIME FOR LOVE. What you should know is that NOW IS THE TIME TO PICK THE RIGHT ONE TO SPEND QUARANTINE WITH! It is time that you go fullsteam into your lovelife. Never have men and women be more connected to their feelings than in moments of crisis and war. As sad as this is, it is the topic of hundreds of romantic world-famous novels like beautiful “Love in times of Cholera” by nobel peace prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Names of lost loves pop up into your head, because our subconscious is telling us who we really miss and who we really want to be with. And these past love will not only come up again in your head but also in the head of your ex lovers. The  valuable investment that you can ever make is in YOU, in your big wish for: THE LOVE FROM A REAL MASCULINE MAN. Someone who makes the decision to pursue you, to keeps your safe, to honor your company and to assure you that he wants to make you his Queen, so that he can prove his masculinity as a king to you- also in tough times. The ultimate relationship to lift each other to becoming the best version of human beings and lovers.

If you want to master your Love Language & Communication with men, so that you make him connect with you emotionally instead of disappearing and pulling back.

The 3 hour coaching call can be arranged in two separate session according to your arrangement with Nisrien.

If you want to make the right guy fall in love with you, so that you can start a loving relationship instead of waiting for Mr Right.

For all the women who need to overcome break up – FIRST AID to survive first 3 weeks !

The 2 hour coaching call can be arranged in two separate session according to your arrangement with Nisrien.

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